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About Us

The Purpose of Our Existence and Our Relentless Commitment to Growth
Our Mission
EasyInspect wants to help the world by streamlining and automating demanding tasks. We want to change the world to a better place for everyone by reducing CO2 emissions and better the safety and health of humanity. We believe that technology can help reduce CO2 emissions, reduce or eliminate operational costs. 

EasyInspects Destiny - What We Are Destined To Be
Our Vision
EasyInspect is recognized as one of the worlds leaders in automation and systemization of complex tasks. We help our partners grow their business by automating their processes. Our partners constantly focus on increasing revenue while reducing costs and once our partners try our services, they join us in a lifelong cooperation. Our Team at EasyInspect loves their work, and the offices are a place we look forward to turning up to every day. It’s a place of high energy and a positive attitude.

 EasyInspect’s Area Of Innovation
How We Do It
At EasyInspect, we ensure that we only use the newest technology to achieve the best possible automated and streamlined solution for you. We combine existing hardware and software technologies and add improvements to achieve the best result.

EasyInspect’s Immutable Laws
The Way We Do It

Deal, or no Deal – A deal is a deal – it can never be broken, no matter what. We keep our promises and making a
virtue in aligning expectations.  

Turn The Turtles – A struggling customer is like a turtle on its back. It is always our responsibility to put
them back on their feet. 

Blood Money – Without blood, a human will die. Money is the blood in a company, and we treat it that
way – with the utmost care and respect.  


EasyInspect’s Community
Our Partners
We work with universities and companies that all strive to achieve the same goals. By working with likeminded people at the top of their fields we can
achieve results like never before.

The team!

Anders Jørgensen
Andreas Larsen
CEO & Founder
Mathias Nielsen
Senior Developer & Co-Founder
Morten Sørensen
Graphic Designer
Sylvester Nielsen
CTO & Founder
Thomas Jørgensen
Junior Frontend Developer
Vladimir Fedorov
Senior Engineer

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