Subcontractors for EasyInspect

See who has acces to your personal data.

Updated list of subcontractors

Below is a list of our subcontractors of IT systems that can access our customer’s personal data when entering an agreement with EasyInspect.
Subcontractors provide a service that we consider necessary to enable us to fulfill the agreement you make with EasyInspect when you choose to become a customer with us.
The list of subcontractors will be updated as soon as changes occur. If we add a new subcontractor, all our customers will be notified.

Subcontractor Location The legal basis for processing outside the EU Function Updated
Fullstory USA Privacy Shield Customer Experience 22.06.2018
Chargebee USA Privacy Shield Payment & Invoices 22.06.2018
E-Conomic Dänemark Accounting 22.06.2018
Gegensprechanlage USA Privacy Shield Communication 22.06.2018
Scansystems Dänemark Accounting 22.06.2018
Sqreen France Security 22.06.2018
Stripe USA Privacy Shield Payments 22.06.2018