Computer Vision

Automatized damage detection with Computer Vision

Automatically detect damages on concrete, steel, and stone structures. Our AI can look through and analyze images hundreds of times faster than a human can.

Get the power of 1.350 people 

The Computer Vision AI is trained to automatically detect damages on concrete, steel, and stone structures.

On top of being automated, our AI is also ultra fast. It is capable of processing the same number of images a human would need 1.350 days to finish, in just 1 day.

You can reduce your workload greatly and save time and money in the process, by using our Computer Vision to go through your images in record time.

Your workforce

24 hours per day 

The Computer Vision work for you 24 hours per day 365 days per year. It will never get tiered of delivering you precise detections around the clock.  

Reduce your costs

with up to 97,4% 

The cost of analyzing an image with the Computer Vision is ranging €0,1-0,2 which is 97,4% lower compared to letting a human do the analyzing. 

Calculate your exact saving here.  

Consistent detection 

Have you ever got two different opinions on the same question? With the Computer Vision you get a consistent answer every time. 

Detect tiny damages which is difficult for the human eye to see.  

Automated Issue Detection

In 1 day, our artificial intelligence detects the same number of observations as it will take 1 year for a human being.

Create your own models 

Our AI is pre-trained to automatically detect damages on concrete, steel, and stone structures.

Want something specific? No problem! Create your own Computer Vision projects for automatic detection based on your needs. 

Cloud based Data Warehouse

Automated Detection

The AI is trained for various scenarios and can swiftly review all of your images.

When a potential problem is detected, the AI marks the problem with an annotation.

If the AI detects the same issue across several images, it will automatically link them together to present a list of unique damages if a 3D model exists.


Data is normalized and enriched with processes like 3D modeling and Computer Vision and provides a solid foundation for data fusion.

Your data is secure and owned by you no matter if it’s stored it in the cloud or your datacenter.

Deep Learning

The AI can be trained for custom scenarios, such as looking for issues specific to your assets, QR-codes, numbers or letters. 


Integrate the AI within your own application, to create a seamless workflow within your own framework. 


All identical observations detected, will automatically be grouped and shown together, to give you a complete overview of your asset.

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