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Breakthrough in drone inspection

EasyInspect and Swiss software companies enter into partnership. The newly established partnership between Danish EasyInspect and Swiss Drone Harmony makes drone inspection easier than ever.

This is why you fail with drone inspections

Whether you want to inspect a bridge, wind turbine or building with a drone, missing context is the biggest reason for your unsuccessful success. Learn how to create context in your inspections

5 tips to earn (more) money on drone inspections

Inspections with drones have tremendous potential, but it requires the right knowledge and expertise. In this article, we will provide five concrete tips on how to earn more money on drone inspections.

Faster Upload and the journey to get it

Time is money, and waiting for slow cloud systems really sucks. That's why we build our own Upload System from scratch and the result speaks for itself.

Jopopslag: PHP/Laravel-Udvikler

Looking at old blades at DTU Wind

EasyInspect got the opportunity to inspect the 25 year old Wind Turbines Blades from Vindeby

Boosting wind energy competencies!

We are happy to announce that our team has just become even stronger with a new employee.

Revolutionizing wind turbine inspections

EasyInspect leads new project, DARWIN, aiming to develop a disruptive new inspection system in which detection of blade damage, classification and reporting in geometric high precision and 3D is done with full automation

We are hiring a Frontend Developer

We are now hiring a frontend developer

Video: Droneflight at the old Stock Exchange

‍Startup Borgen made this video of EasyInspect during our participation one month ago.

We are hiring a PHP Developer

We are now hiring a PHP developer

Participation at Startup Borgen

We are happy to announce that we have been selected to participate at Startup Borgen 2015

Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

‍EasyInspect has been in the field to test our newest drone solution for wind turbine inspection

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