3D Modeling

High Quality 3D Modeling

Order high-quality 3D models using your own inspection images and work with the model directly in our platform.

Modeling complex structures

Use your inspection images to generate precise 3D models of large and complex bridge structures. 

With a 3D model, you get a full overview of your assets, which makes it much easier to precisely locate damages detected on the 2D images. 

Processing power

Save many hours of your own computer processing power by processing 3D models directly in the cloud.  

When you order a 3D model within Inspection Cloud, you don’t have to worry about having the right equipment for it.

We handle all the processing on our side, and you’ll be notified as soon as your high-quality 3D model is ready for use on the platform.


With 3D modeling, you enable measurements in your inspection data.

Measurements can be made in 2D images but the distances are calculated from the 3D data behind the scenes.

This enables you to work in high definition images, using the data from the 3D models, to get the best from both worlds.

Automated Issue Detection

In 1 day, our artificial intelligence detects the same number of observations as it will take 1 year for a human being.

Cloud based Data Warehouse

Automated Detection

The AI is trained for various scenarios and can swiftly review all of your images.

When a potential problem is detected, the AI marks the problem with an annotation.

If the AI detects the same issue across several images, it will automatically link them together to present a list of unique damages if a 3D model exists.


Data is normalized and enriched with processes like 3D modeling and Computer Vision and provides a solid foundation for data fusion.

Your data is secure and owned by you no matter if it’s stored it in the cloud or your datacenter.

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