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Manage your drone data capture, visualisation and insights in our platform that’s easy to use for everyone.

Eliminate physical site visits

capture your site with drones and upload the data to inspection cloud for visualisation, rather than spending time and money visiting your sites physically.

Aerial intelligence for better business decisions

Drones are revolutionising organisations around the world. With images of your sites and assets captured by drones and visualised in inspection cloud, along with our suite of tools for drawing, annotating, commenting and sharing, you’ll have visibility and insight like never before.

Share with your team or with your clients

Collaborate with your team or clients in real time on the 3D model and share privately or publicly via email or direct link.

We scale with you, cost-effectively

We adapt to your airborne intelligence requirements for ultimate flexibility. No matter how many sites or how often you need to acquire, our scaling and pricing can work for you.

Visualise your site

Once your site, asset or location has been captured, upload the drone data to inspection cloud. View, filter, tag, comment and share your entire site on a map in its most up-to-date context.

Tailor-made features

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Structure Inspection Data

Make complex data easy to understand. Visualize observations and measurements in 2D and 3D.


Know the exact size and placement of any observation. Create annotations and observation easily to let others know what to look at in the images.

Custom reports

Gain the insights you need to make better decisions through our custom reports.


We store your data securely in the cloud. All your missions in the one workspace for easy access across your team.


With our 3D Cloud Engine, we generate the data you need to work with. Get better insight into your projects.

Drawing tools

Mark points of interest, identify areas, calculate surfaces, measure distances and more.

Over the years, national and regional companies, start-ups, and Fortune 500™ companies have trusted EasyInspect to revolutionize their operational efficiency, leveraging cutting-edge drone analytics and AI-powered aerial digitization to ensure precision, reliability, and innovation in their construction and inspection processes. Our commitment to transforming architectural integrity and building safety standards continues to foster robust, long-term partnerships across industries, reinforcing our reputation as a pioneer in tech-integrated building solutions.

Ready to start creating amazing data?