Inspection Cloud

Process, visualize and report your drone inspection data.

An AI assistant for bridge owners and engineers to automatically generate assessment reports.

Inspection Cloud

Process, visualize and report your drone inspection data.

An AI assistant for bridge engineers to automatically generate assessment reports.

Inspection Cloud is an online web platform for visual inspections of infrastructure. It facilitates tools to organize, analyze and report on inspection data for faster and cheaper inspections. With automatic damage detection using AI, 3D modeling of structures, filtering, organizable data and instantly generated reports, Inspection Cloud offers the perfect streamlined solution for visual inspections.

Automated Assessment Reports

Save time and cost of your assessment reports by automating the analysis. Upload your data and a complete report will be ready within 48 hours. Never waste time again by going through thousands of images manually.

Never miss a damage

Small damages are difficult for the human eye to see. The Computer Vision AI automatically detect all damages and cracks smaller than 0.1 mm and ensure that you will never miss a damage again.

Attention on damages that matters

Focus your attention on damages that matter. Filter damages by type, size or location to get a full overview of the important damages. Unimportant damages are saved for later review.

Precise damage detection

Ensure a fast, consistent, and precise damage registration every time by using Computer Vision to look through all your inspection images.

The AI never gets tired and is capable of analyzing images hundreds of times faster than a human.

In just one day the AI will analyze the same number of images, that takes a human one year to do.

Precise damage location

Know the exact location of all damages. All damages get an XYZ coordinate and are shown on the 3D model.

All damages are directly linked to your images so you’ll never lose track of its location on your asset.

Track assets over time

Make better decisions by following every single damage over time. The AI will let you know if cracks or other damages are evolving over time, or if new damages has occurred since last inspection.

Utilize drones to greatly reduce inspection costs

Perform complex inspections in no time by using drones to collect your data. With a drone, you’ll have easy access to even the most hard-to-get places on your assets.

Cut out all the big expenditures such as lifts, boats, equipment, and transport and save both time and money on planning and execution. 

Why use Inspection Cloud?

Save Time

Significantly reduce the time spent on reporting, by automating some of the tedious aspects.

Save Money

Save between 50-90% on your inspection, data analysis and reporting costs.

Better Quality

Get a complete overview of the entire bridge, rather than just small sections.

Specialized features

Structure Inspection Data

Make complex data easy to understand. Visualize observations and measurements in 2D and 3D.


Know the exact size and placement of any observation. Create annotations and observation easily to let others know what to look at in the images.

Cloud or On-Premises

We store your data safely in the cloud, but it’s also possible to setup up local storage for your data on location. 


Connect with our 3D Cloud Engine or integrate with your own Metashape or ContextCapture license and upload your local processed 3D-models to Inspection Cloud.

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